Recruitment Pitches in Full Swing

The Grow Dat Youth Farm is recruiting to hire committed and passionate teenagers to grow food for New Orleans in 2012!

Jabari and Jeanne are currently organizing a series of recruitment pitches at our partner schools around the city to attract a diverse group of young leaders to apply.

2012 Partner Schools:

  • New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School (SciHigh)
  • De La Salle High School
  • Warren Easton High School
  • The Net Charter School
  • Joseph Clark Charter High School

It’s a highly competitive process, and applicants must complete a rigorous 3-page application, submit a letter of recommendation, and attend an interview day in person in January. If you’re a potential applicant wanting to learn more about the process, visit our Hiring page.

Highlights from the pitches so far:

  • Saying hello to Grow Dat graduates from last year’s program in the audience at SciHigh. We’ll be hiring up to 4 Assistant Crew Leaders for 2012, advanced positions only open to previous graduates of the program.
  • Meeting adorable Joey, the 5-month old bulldog puppy mascot of Clark High School in Principal Coleman’s office.
  • Jeanne and Jabari showing off their acting chops in the recruitment video shown to all students at De La Salle High School. (I think it took about 25 takes for the 5 minute video.)
  • Seeing the variety of plants that students are already growing at The Net. When we stopped by the class, students were measuring the temperature difference between the air around the plant and the soil it was planted in. Which temperature matters more? Many argue that soil temp is the component that really matters as far as plant health is concerned.
Warren Easton is next on our list to visit at the end of November.
We look forward to reading all the phenomenal applications that will be submitted mid-December!

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