Hurricane Isaac Update

We are happy to report that we weathered the recent storm with no lasting damage to our fields or campus! Thanks to our friends and funders for an outpouring of concern and support.

Our fields are already dry, but we do have several damaged trees that will need to be removed. The bayou near our campus rose 20 feet – and was accommodated perfectly by the large bioswale designed specifically for such overflow around the front of our site. Check out the photos taken this afternoon below.

Please join us for a Volunteer Day this Saturday, September 8, from 8am-12 noon to help us get our farm back in order!
We’ll clean up tree debris and clear the fields of any obstructions to planting or mowing. 2nd year interns begin their advanced training with us on the same day – we want to welcome them back to a beautiful, functioning space that’s ready for their hard work in the fields and beyond. With your help we can get back on our feet and ready for our youth programming this fall.

Volunteer Day
Saturday, September 8, 2012
Report to 150 Zachary Taylor Drive, City Park (between Pan Am Stadium and the dog park)
*Wear long pants and boots (or very sturdy close-toed shoes)