FEAST NOLA on the Farm this Sunday

Grow Dat is proud to host FEAST NOLA this Sunday, Nov. 18. Unfortunately this meal is already sold out, but check out their website to learn more about the organization and save the date for the next Feast.

Twice per year, the FEAST NOLA community unites around the Sunday dinner table to meet new people, discuss ideas about change, and vote on one of the top five proposals presented during dinner. During dinner, a group of artists, activists, and social entrepreneurs presents creative projects that will engage the local community. At the end of the dinner, everyone votes on his or her favorite proposal; and the night’s proceeds go to making the winning proposal a reality.

Dinner will be served up by Jarett Eymard and Rachel Carr Eymard of the NOLA food truck, Rue Chow. The May 20th winner, Jaime Broussard of the New Orleans Fruit Tree Project, will be returning to report on the impact of FEAST funding.

Hope the FEAST guests enjoy dinner on our farm!