Farm Pix: Happy New Year from our team

Team Grow Dat

Happy 2013 from our team. Photo by Dylan Hollingsworth

Jeanne, Jabari, Johanna, Leo and Karnesha wish you all the best for much growth in 2013!

As we reflect on the accomplishments and struggles of 2012, we are grateful for an overwhelming sense of success. Our farm continues to thrive, as do the youth we serve. We’re grown so much as we now approach our THIRD year! Every year we take thoughtful, planned steps to hire more youth, grow more sustainable produce, and share more food with New Orleanians in need.

Thank you to everyone for your continued generosity in our year end giving campaign (it’s not too late!) – we are thrilled to be wildly surpassing our fundraising goals.

“A proper community is a commonwealth: a place, a resource, an economy. It answers the needs, practical as well as social and spiritual, of its members – among them the need to need one another.” -Wendell Berry

Happy New Year!