Will you be our valentine?! Fetzer competition on Love & Forgiveness

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From the competition’s host, The Fetzer Institute: “Love and Forgiveness often aren’t stated goals for public service organizations which tend to focus on the more concrete and measurable aspects of their work. But the more clearly we are able to establish and examine the connection between inspiration and action — between love and labor — the more effectively we can support, expand and leverage some of most powerful resources in public service — the transformative powers of love and forgiveness.

That’s why the Fetzer Institute is offering two $25,000 awards — one for a US-based nonprofit organization, and one for an NGO outside the United States. The Fetzer Institute wants to recognize, celebrate, and honor the good work done by a vast array of public service organizations while deepening its understanding of the connection between the Fetzer mission and the broader NGO/nonprofit world.

Entries will be featured in the Global Gallery of Love and Forgiveness — a showcase of inspiring videos from around the world.”

Public voting for the MOST LOVED project will determine the winner of a $5,000 award given by the Fetzer Institute.  Thanks for the lovin’!


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