Hot off the Presses: Summer Quarterly Report

It’s the heat of the summer here in New Orleans — cool off by reading about all the successes of our fourth Leadership Program! Click here for the full report: Grow Dat Quarterly Report Summer 2014

Inside: Celebrating our fourth graduating class, Guest Chefs at our summer Community Lunches, Shout outs and Fundraising Successes, Youth Speak: graduates reflect on their growth and transformations, and preliminary evaluation data from our 2014 Leadership Program.Summer 2014 Quarterly Report

Notice our new look?

Since the start of the new year we’ve been working closely with the talented staff of Right Hat, a marketing and design firm that is proving $75,000 in pro bono work to Grow Dat to help streamline our look. Stay tuned for more beautifully designed products that feature our new logo.


Grow Dat in the News: On Healthy Food in NOLA Post-Katrina

The Washington Post released a piece by Della Hasselle highlighting Grow Dat as a key component of the changes in the food landscape of New Orleans post-Katrina.

Johanna and Jabari

The article profiles Grow Dat graduate Tim Dubuclet. “Inner-city kids don’t have anything to do with farming or healthy eating — just football and McDonald’s,” Dubuclet said. “I didn’t know anything about vegetables before I farmed.” Now, he not only knows all the steps of growing plants, but he cooks, too. Dubuclet thinks these programs can help transform communities like his — pointing to the fact that he now gardens and prepares food with his family. “My grandmother is getting older, and working in the garden has helped me to get closer to her,” he said. “Really, farming has made me the person I am today.”

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An Unexpected Crop: Good Jobs for Youth

Founder and Director Johanna Gilligan released an op-ed in The Lens this morning on the importance and lasting impact of good food jobs.

“A strong stock market will do us no good if its foundation is an economy that further degrades the basis of the planet’s true wealth — its biodiversity, its water, air and soil. We have no choice but to see the links between our economic and environmental challenges and to address them as one.”

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The Lens

Inspiring Growth: new film about Grow Dat!

New short film just released!

A beautiful little doc about Grow Dat by filmmaker Jason Bethea. Inspiration about fostering social transformation by growing food with teenagers across difference.

Jason spent last year’s entire 5-month Leadership Program with us, crafting a short doc that highlights the youth that grow with us. Enjoy!

Just released: Quarterly Report Spring 2014

Spring on the farm!

Click to download our latest Quarterly Report: QuarterlyReportSpring2014

Inside: a detailed look at our Leadership Program and the 40 youth currently working with us (a 30% increase from last year!), a debrief on this year’s 2nd annual Hootenanny, our take on “Kalegate”, and some exciting funding announcements. 

Spring Quarterly report

Food Writer Judy Walker checks up on Grow Dat

Food Writer Judy Walker of the Times-Picayune and checked up on our farm and Founder Johanna Gilligan last week and her great story is running online today.

Judy visited us four years ago when we first launched the project and were not even on our City Park site yet (remember our pilot year at the lovely Hollygrove Market and Farm?)— check out how we’ve grown since then!

Screenshot 2014-04-08 12.47.36