Farm Share Terms and Agreements

Grow Dat Youth Farm Spring 2015 Farm Share Program
General Policies and Conditions: Terms of Agreement

I appreciate locally grown, chemical-free produce and want to ensure that it remains available in New Orleans. By participating in Grow Dat Farm Shares I understand that Grow Dat pledges to do their best to provide the vegetables and herbs they propose at the estimated times.
In 2014, Grow Dat grew 12,000 pounds of produce on 2 acres of land, and Grow Dat anticipates another bountiful season in 2015. However, as a shareholder, I understand that I am sharing the bounty as well as the risk associated with the unpredictable nature of farming.
I have read the payment and refund policy below and understand that there are no refunds of my Farm Share after January 14, 2015 at 5pm, even in the event of a complete or partial crop failure. I am supporting the Grow Dat youth leadership program and the youth it serves through my Farm Share membership.
The Grow Dat Farm Share Program will span 20 weeks during which I will receive a variety of fresh produce. The Farm Share program will begin January 21 and end June 20, 2015. I agree to pay the full amount of the membership option I have selected at the time of my registration or in two installments.
I understand that I am responsible for picking up my share rain or shine on Wednesdays (4-6pm) or Saturdays (9am and 12pm) at the Grow Dat Youth Farm site in City Park. My pickup day is either Wednesday or Saturday and based on availability at the time of registration. I may not change my pick-up day during the course of the season. I understand that when access to the farm is restricted, I will be pick up my share at the designated alternative pick-up location. If I cannot pick-up my share for any week, I understand I should contact Leo Gorman at least two days before the pick-up Saturday to communicate who my proxy will be or if I wish to donate my box. I am responsible for explaining the pick-up location, times, and procedures (including for alternative pick-up location information) to my proxy as well as providing them with my previous week’s share box. If my share is not retrieved by 6pm on Wednesdays and 12 pm on Saturdays it will be donated to Grow Dat youth and their families or to one of our Shared Harvest donation partners.
I understand that on infrequent occasions, share pickup at our farm will not be possible because of races or other events occurring in City Park that limit access to our farm. I understand that it is possible that I will have to pickup my share at the below alternative pickup site on dates other than the confirmed date listed below. I understand that Grow Dat will communicate with me by email at least two weeks in advance about any change in pickup times and/or locations.
I understand there are no pickups during the Mardi Gras weeks from February 11-21. I understand that share pickup will NOT take place at Grow Dat Youth Farm on Saturday, April 4, 2015 due to the Crescent City Classic Race and I should pick up my share at the alternative share pick-up site – the rear parking lot of First Grace United Methodist Church (3401 Canal St. on the corner of Jefferson Davis). Entrance on N. Clark St. The pickup time will be the same day and time: Saturday morning, 9am – 12pm.
I understand that the best way to discuss any changes to my contact information, problems with the pick-up, or dissatisfaction with my share is with Farm Manager, Leo Gorman.

Payment and Refund Policy:
I understand that to reserve my share I must pay electronically with a credit card through Grow Dat’s website’s secure payment system. I may pay the full $500 amount or in two installments of $250. I understand that if I choose to pay in installments, my credit card will be charged $250 upon registering and charged $250 again on March 18, 2015 If paying in installments, I understand that my credit card will automatically be charged on March 18, 2015 and that there are no full or partial refunds after January 14, 2015.   

Grow Dat does not offer refunds for shares after January 14, 2015 at 5pm, even in the event of a complete or partial crop failure. By committing to the Grow Dat Farm Share Program, I am supporting the Grow Dat youth leadership program and the youth they serve. Partial refunds are only available prior to January 14, 2015, one week before the beginning of the program. A 10% cancellation fee (of my share price) will be charged to my credit card with the remaining amount credited back to my card. If I wish to cancel my membership and receive a partial refund, I will email Leo Gorman before 5pm on January 14, 2015.

If for any reason, I am unable to continue with the Farm Share Program, I will either donate my produce to Grow Dat youth or hunger relief partners or find a friend to buy out my share. However, if a friend buys out my share I must handle ALL agreements and cash transactions on my own and notify Grow Dat in writing of a name and personal information change for my share. Any buyer of the share must be able to pick up at our farm and when necessary, our alternative pick-up site. I understand that if I wish to donate the remainder of my share or have a friend buy out my share, I will email Leo at least one week prior to the change date.

By clicking below, I agree to purchase the selected membership. I understand that, although unlikely, the farm may change parts of this agreement related to production and distribution from time to time. I understand that they will contact me via email or telephone in advance of any changes to this agreement.

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