We’re halfway to our goal!

We're so excited that we're halfway to our goal! We need your support to push us over the finish line.

We’re so excited that we’re halfway to our goal! We need your support to push us over the finish line.

Yahoo! Over 60 indivdiual donors decided to support Grow Dat this holiday season in our big push last week, and this morning we reached the halfway point of our goal: $5,500 out of $10,000! That means we have $4,500 to raise before the end of the year. Won’t you find a way to contribute to help us Grow That Green?

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Thank you, tool donors!

Thank you to the following donors who generously contributed thousands of dollars worth of tools as part of our holiday Growing the Green Campaign!

Honor Roll of our Generous Tool Donors:

  • Brian Gorman
  • Kathryn Parker
  • Jan Hamilton
  • Conor Phillips
  • Ken and Char Keith
  • Elizabeth Navarro
  • Deborah and Buck Firth
  • Phyllis and Gene Dettmer

Tools Donated:

  • Earthway seeder and seeder plates
  • Tomato twine
  • Bed cultivation rakes
  • Field rake
  • Trowels
  • Three-tine cultivator
  • Harvest knife and sheath
  • Scuffle hoe

Our new Earthway Seeder and Seeder Plates will make for easy planting on our farm.

Thank You, Donors!

We’re excited to announce that our first annual Growing the Green fundraising campaign was an enormous success, with over seventy individuals contributing $6,606 of support for our youth employees!

We are so thankful for the generous contributions of the following individuals (and more!). Your support allows us to bring quality youth employment to young people in New Orleans, and bring about lasting change through sustainable urban agriculture. THANK YOU!

Grow Dat Donors, Growing the Green Campaign, Winter 2011-2012

Rachel Lee
Kristy Magner
Sean Gilligan
Alex Budak
Joann Ricci
Katie Bingham
Mara LePere Schloop
Betty Burkes
GK Darby
Steffan Heuer
Raphael Cassimere Jr
John Hopper
Brian Gorman
Will Widmer
Nick Jenisch
Suze Gardner
Naomi Wood
Char Keith
Kim Spencer
Molly Mitchell
Regina Wright
Summer Lewis
David Edeli
Colleen Kelleher
Kathy Ogle
Leo N Gorman
Melinda St Louis
Matthew R Whipple
Waggonner & Bell Architects (Sherry Gilchrist)
David Charne
Matt Olson
Riley Merline
Virginia Rangel
Susan Gartner
Rufus Ayres
Zoe Scharff
Becca Fuchs
Michelle Gorman
Jennifer Leis
Lou Samuel
Marshall Scallan
Lucy Colville
Macon Fry
Linda Newell Hutchins
Amy Morris
Bonnie McKinney
Gina Margillo
Tiffany Lin
Max Elliot

*Other supporters showed their commitment to Grow Dat by purchasing tools for our farm! Their honor roll will be featured soon.