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Sneak Peek: Lush Lil Plant Starts for this Saturday’s Plant Sale


Sneak Peek: Lush Lil Plant Starts for this Saturday's Plant Sale

Farm Assistant Sarah Howard just snapped this pic of some superstars who will grace the Plant Sale stage. Come to the Farm this Saturday, Oct. 26, 9am-2pm to stock your winter garden with these healthy and hardy vegetable and herb starts!

Farm Pix: Fruits of the Artists’ Labors



The mushroom installation has fruited! Artist/Farmers Mei-Ling Holm and David McClelland ran a workshop on the farm several weeks ago while artists in residency at the Joan Mitchell Center. Their beautiful straw baskets are producing a robust crop of tender and flavorful oyster mushrooms.

Spring has Sprung: Grow Dat Crew Newsletter, March 2013



Ariel Roland, Masters in Social Work at Tulane and serving as our Youth & Alumni Coordinator, crafts beautiful newsletters that youth share with their families and schools each month. We thought you might like a peek at them, too!


Farm Pix: Grow Dat Youth Interns


Farm Pix: Grow Dat Youth Interns

Meet Amber, Deshawn, Melanie and Yasmin – our inaugural and extraordinary Fall Interns. Perhaps you’ve already made their acquaintance at a food justice speaking event around town, or on a tour of our farm. They come together from four different schools across New Orleans to grow food, continue to develop their leadership skills, engage in service, and advocate for change in our city.

Taken on the Bayou near Granny Oak right behind our fields in City Park, New Orleans. Photo by William Widmer.

Support Amber, Deshawn, Melanie and Yasmin today!